Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cast of Characters

Reproduction of playbill, Bastable Theatre, Drury Lane, London, c. 1738:

The Master of the Games is pleased to announce the upcoming Entertainment,
A Production of a Work by Gefridus Vasilescicus,
Featuring The Lincoln Streete Players in,

Doctor Sandorius
A Philosophical Fantasie

The Cast:

From Cambridge,

Leviathan Cherrycoate, a student of Natural Philosphie and Apprenticed to Doctor Newton in the Secret Arts

Wendyleen Penruddick, a gentlewoman and scholar whose family has been much importuned against by the said Prentice Cherrycoate

In London,

Doctor Sandorius, a scholar from far Transylvanie, in search of That Which Man Was Not Meant to Know

Graffein Georgina von Falkenburg, a noblewoman from the Germanies, of huge appetites and no mean stature

Colonel Alois van der Snaecht, a Walloon Mercenary, redoubtable in his profession and his commerce

The Prince’s Entourage upon the Grand Tour,

The Prince Ladislas Radziwill, a Most Noble youth, of Great Spirit but Lesser Wit

Anusia Borzboghati, a lesser noblewoman from Lithuanie, known for fierce rages and unwomanly violence

Octawjan Zagloba, a Polander nobleman and student of life, the Prince’s Tutor

Selim Mirski, a Lithuanie Tartar and a Musselman!

Act I,
Anno Domini 1683

Scene I, Southwark, London, in the Street of the Sign of the Turk’s Head wherein lies the lodging house of Doctor Sandorius.

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